Date Published: 24th August 2022

Registration of a Will for Non-Muslims in Dubai

Dubai has become a very important city, not only because it is a popular destination for tourism but because of its economic growth. Allowing investment and labour opportunities for immigrants who in that matter have a large share and contribute immensely.

A big concern for immigrants before coming to UAE is the Legal uncertainty. This is mainly in regards to wills and inheritance for non-muslims.
In the past few years, the UAE has implemented laws and regulations to provide an advanced judicial framework for the personal status of non-muslims. These steps have made a positive impact on the immigrant community. In the UAE when an individual passes away their bank accounts and joint accounts will be frozen in case there is no registered will.

To avoid this scenario Law No (15) of 2017 was designated to regulate the inheritance, wills, and probate for non-muslims in the Emirate of Dubai. According to this, expats are encouraged to register their wills.

The process for registering a will is as follows:

- Find a Legal Specialist in Dubai for drafting your will.
-Designate an executor of the will. The individual must be over 21 years of age. Could be family or friends.
-There are two options for registering a will in Dubai, it could be done at Dubai Courts Public Notary where will cost less and it's in Arabic and English, or at DIFC Wills Service Centre, where the wills are more expensive and are completely in English.

We Jasim Al Maeeni Advocates & Legal Consultants recommend registering your will. Our vast experience in this matter allows us to give you the appropriate guidance to ensure compliance with the will therefore your assets will be assigned as you wish.


Published by : Maria Julia Quiroga