Wills, Trust, Inheritance

Register a Will for the protection of your assets in the UAE.

Sharia Law is followed by UAE Courts in respect of distribution of Assets owned and possessed by Non-Muslim expatriates residing in UAE in case of death and there is no Will in place. In accordance with UAE Law, Non-Muslims can choose the law of their home country for the inheritance of their owned property with in UAE and in their home country through a Registered Will. Notary Public registers the Will in all 7 Emirates of United Arab Emirates.

The Wills Service and the Registry are governed by Dubai Law No. 15 of 2017. DIFC Wills & Probates Registry has been established specifically to cater the requirements of the non-Muslims who owns assets in the Emirates of Dubai and the Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individual must be a non-Muslim and over 21 years
  • Individual’s assets must be situated within the Emirates of Dubai and/or Ras Al Khaimah
  • Such Service is available for both residents and non-residents.

Benefits of registering a Will with DIFC

  • The registration of a Will with DIFC gives you protection on the distribution of movable and immovable assets as per your will and wish.
  • Legal framework of DIFC in relation to the Will is clear and unambiguous
  • Secure the interest of the beneficiary by legal binding
  • Probate process is simpler, efficient and cheaper in comparison with thecourt processes in the UAE


In accordance to the Article 17 of the UAE Civil Code, inheritance of the property shall be governed by the law of the testator at the time of his/her death. However, Federal Law 28 of 2005 known as Law of Personal Status of UAE governs the matters relating to personal affairs such as Will and inheritance, which is primarily based on Islamic Sharia Law.

Thus, a Will can:-

  1. Secure the interest of the beneficiary of such Will
  2. Pre-determine the applicability of law of the testator
  3. The entire assets in UAE covers for distribution
  4. Will is revocable during the life time of the testator.
  5. Appoints guardians for minor children of person’s own choice.