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intellectual property

Intellectual Property Management

We help you to protect you identity, your Intellectual property!

What is your Identity?

Intellectual property is the creation of the mind that is original product of human intelligence that requires protection in order to keep it safe from unauthorized use. To understand the value of this property we must first understand what comprises intellectual property. Primarily, there are four main categories of Intellectual property:

  • Copyright (Art, Literary works and Music)
  • Trademarks (Names (Company, Service and Products) and Logos)
  • Patents (for Inventions and Processes)
  • Trade secrets (for Codes and Processes)

What are Intellectual property rights?

Like any other property that your own and use for your benefit, Intellectual property rights are the same. These rights allow creator, or owner of the trademarks, patient or copyrighted material to take benefits from their creation or invention. For the first time, Intellectual property was recognized in 1883 during Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and later in 1886 the Berne Convention for the protection of Literary and Artistic Work to provide safe guard to the original owners and creators of the work while allowing them to take undivided benefits from there creation. Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides right to benefit frommoral and material interest that will result from scientific, literary or artistic productions of the original owner.

Why it is important to safeguard your Intellectual Property?

In this era of technological advancement, it has become a lot easier for anyone to steal your ideas, literary work or identity. People are making millions by selling products in the grey market which is causing huge damage to the original owners. On other hand people from around the world are in the process of creating or inventing something new that could be useful in the areas of art, technology or culture. Protection of intellectual property encourages the commitment to innovate, enhance economic growth and enhance the living standards.

Intellectual Property Management Program and its benefits:

Properly tailored Intellectual property management program helps the company to gain confidence to work with ultimate motivation and undivided attention to achieve their targets. As Intellectual property and enforcement of awards is being recognized by most of the countries worldwide, ecommerce such as amazon, EBay, Alibaba etc.was the biggest threat for the brand owners.These ecommerce platforms have improved and tighten theirvendor registration terms and conditions to make sure that only legitimate and authorized sale of product could be carried forward. Companies who were suffering great losses due to grey market sales and fake products bearing their logos, destroying the reputation in the markets can only be controlled now with the help of proper IP management program that covers registrations, renewals, market research, country of origin, extended protection and proper structuring.

Intellectual Property Services We Offer:

Jasim Al Maeeni Advocates and Legal Consultants offers full range of Intellectual property services that will allow you and your company to enjoy the freedom of doing business in the market without having any fear of loss or unfair competition of business due to unauthorized use of your identity. Our highly skilled and experienced team of lawyers and consultants will make sure to provide you the best advice and help in designing highly effective legal documents for the safe conduct of your business. Services that we provide includes but are not limited to:

  • Trademark Search, registration and maintenance with in UAE and Internationally
  • Copyright registration, protection and maintenance within UAE and Internationally
  • Patent registration
  • Trade secret protection
  • Intellectual property Management
  • Intellectual property structuring for safer and stronger recognition all forums

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