insuranceJasim Al Maeeni advocates & Legal Consultants can help you draft clauses for insurance policies regarding individuals, products to be delivered, theft and even industrial risks such as fire and machine failure. We specialized in counseling insurance companies and insurance claimants at both transactional and litigation stages of their respective matters. Jasim Al Maeeni Advocates & Legal Consultants will litigate on your behalf to make sure you get the money that is rightfully yours.
We also offer advice on all types of insurance protection and claims to corporate in a wider range of industries.

Our team has experience in a range of insurance industry legal services, including:
  • Insurance Claims
  • Fire insurance and general liability insurance.
  • Insurance assignments
  • Insurance portfolio transfers
  • Negotiating settlements and representation in arbitration and litigation matters.
  • Providing advice on financial services insurance and policy review for major banks across the Middle East.
  • Advising global reinsurers on insurance claims, negotiating settlements and representation in litigation.
  • Advising some of the world’s largest insurance groups on health insurance requirements, regulations relating to foreign insurers, licensing and establishment in the region.