Debt Recovery

debt recovery

1. Settlement
Our debt recovery team first tries to resolve the issue by amicable settlement. If that doesn’t work, we go to the next step of sending legal notice to the party.

2. Litigation
If the first step doesn’t give the required result, our legal team takes over. Our experienced civil and criminal lawyers can handle the case effectively. Team members have been chosen for their pro-active approach to debt recovery matters and thorough use of all legal methods available to them. Cases are actioned immediately and clients updated throughout the legal process. Our clients receive a full in-depth legal service covering all methods of enforcement, arbitration and dispute resolution.

3. Execution
It is not enough to win the case. A case is really won when the amount is recovered. Therefore, our execution team takes special steps to make sure that the verdict is executed. Our comprehensive and cost-effective approach can clearly provide a better solution to debt recovery problems.