Civil Law

Civil law regulates the daily life of individuals, establishments and companies.
Our firm specializes in all aspects of civil law including but not limited to compensation, debt collection, breach of contracts and more.
We represent our clients in all types of civil and commercial cases including but not limited to, intellectual property protection, corporate-related disputes, real estate, insolvency, liquidation, partner withdrawal. We also provide corporate legal protection from business risks, including the registration of a real property in the United Arab Emirates, drafting commercial agreements, business incorporation agreements and relevant memorandums of understanding. Our conception of laws in the U.A.E and deep comprehension of all of their stipulations is our point of strength, which enables us to provide novel legal services and device innovative solutions to many of our clients' disputes.

Litigation in all the Civil Courts which includes

Compensation cases
Mortgage cases
Obligation and personal rights in contracts
Property cases
Real Estate cases