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Mr. Jasim Almaeeni    |    Lawyer

Mr. Jasim Al Maeeni is the Senior partner to Jasim Al Maeeni Advocates & Legal Consultants. He is a qualified senior lawyer having over a decade of diverse experience in Criminal matters and managing Commercial disputes in the Middle East region. Having graduated from Beirut University, Jasim Al Maeeni began his career that now spans 20 years.

He has proven himself to be an effective leader of the firm and his particular expertise in preparation and conduct of Corporate & Commercial matters, Arbitrations and dispute resolution for complex projects, as well as national and international litigation. He performs before the Federal, Shar'ia and Civil courts as well as the higher courts in the UAE. He is a member of the Union of International Lawyers. He has expertise in Civil Law, Commercial Law and Intellectual Property Laws (Trademark, Patent Law and Copyright Law). Jasim Al Maeeni also has years of experience in advising clients on banking and finance-related matters, Labor Disputes, Insurance and matters involving Recovery of claims & Collection of Debts. He is also specialized in Arbitration cases related to real estate, property and construction; moreover, he has also been supreme to the success of many litigation cases. Prior to the Establishment of Jasim Al Maeeni Advocates & Legal Consultants, Mr. Jasim has worked for more than 10 years with Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants.

Mr Mohamed

Mr Mohamed Abouelenein    |    Founder & Executive Chairman

Mr. Mohammed Abou Elenien the Senior Partner and the brain behind the founding of Jasim Al Maeeni Advocates & Legal Consultants, is a well-known Legal Consultant in the United Arab Emirates, a duly registered advocate in the country. He holds over 20 years of extensive professional experience both in Egypt as well as in UAE.

He has been accredited Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Al Zagazig University, in Egypt and conquered two diplomas in International Arbitration from the ‘International Arbitration Centre’. He was an Advisor and a member of the International Arbitration Centre, a member of the Egyptian Bar Association. He is highly experienced in the advancement and defenses both criminal and civil cases with specialty in difficult litigation and complex regulatory matters His areas of expertise include Family & Matrimonial, Fraud & Financial Crime, Property, intellectual property, Wills & Trust, Banking & Finance, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Construction, Real estate, Debt recovery, Insurance and Arbitration.

Ms. Doaa Ali

Ms. Doaa Ali Al Orabyy    |    Senior Consultant

Ms. Doaa Ali Al Orabyy is currently working as Senior Consultant at Jasim Almaeeni Advocates and Legal Consultants. She has over 18 years of experience advising clients in the United Arab Emirates. She has completed her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Al Mansoura University, Egypt. She brings with her a wide-range of experience in Arbitration and was actively involved in all aspects of litigation and is proficient in various legal domains that include criminal cases, civil cases, commercial cases, labour cases, execution matters, property cases, rent committee cases, intellectual property matters, mediations and settlement agreements amongst others.

Mr. Khalid Abd Elazim

Mr. Khalid Abd Elazim    |    Senior Legal Associate

Mr. Khalid Abd Elazim is working as Senior Legal Associate at Jasim Almaeeni Advocates and Legal Consultants. Khalid has attained the Bachelors of Law Degree from Cairo University with A grade. Khalid is an Egyptian Lawyer with 22 plus years of professional legal experience with Leading Law firms in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Khalid has well experience of drafting Contracts, Agreements, warranties, assignments, bonds and guarantees. he is currently the head of legal Drafting Department of the Firm where he supervises all the legal memos, drafts and claims before submission.

Mr. Khubaib Bin Naeem

Mr. Khubaib Bin Naeem    |    Senior Legal Associate

Mr. Khubaib Bin Naeem is currently working as Senior Legal Associate at Jasim Almaeeni Advocates and Legal Consultants. Khubaib is a Pakistani Lawyer in High court and Legal Consultant who holds a Bachelor in Commerce and LL.B from University of the Punjab and LL. M in Commercial Laws from BPP School of Law London, UK. Khubaib possesses a working experience of 6 years in the legal sector, starting in 2013 from an Islamabad-based law firm. His areas of expertise are Contracts, Commercial and Corporate Laws, Engineering contracts (FIDIC), Intellectual Property, Corporate Structuring, Agency Law, Employment/Labour ‎Law, Information Technology and Internet Law, ‎Real Estate and construction, ‎Insolvency, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law.

Ms. Lubina Niyas

Ms. Lubina Niyas    |    Legal Administrative Manager

Ms. Lubina Niyas has been working as Legal Administrative Manager with Jasim Almaeeni Advocates and Legal Consultants from past 7 years. She is known for her strong problem-solving skills, She works and coordinates directly with clients to ensure that documents are well received, all payments are made in time, all files are properly maintained and the firm in whole is well structured at the outset from both a strategic and commercial perspective to achieve their commercial objectives. She has played a major role in many challenging cases and transactions for international and national clients.

Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Hegazi

Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Hegazi    |    Legal Associate

Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Hegazi is working as Legal Associate at Jasim Almaeeni Advocates and Legal Consultants. Ibrahim has been practicing law for more than 18 years. He has started his legal career form Egypt and then he moved to Dubai in the year 2015. He has acquired considerable experience in the UAE and GCC laws and regulations, including construction and real estate law, corporate and commercial law, arbitration law and family law. He has gained a reputation as a knowledgeable trusted lawyer. His advice is precise, clear and to the point. He has an answer/legal way out for every legal issue of his clients, adhering to the framework of professional ethics.

Mr. Amr Ahmed Mossa

Mr. Amr Ahmed Mossa    |    Legal Advisor

Mr. Amr Ahmed Mossa is a Legal Advisor at Jasim Al Maeeni Advocates and Legal Consultants. Amr is an Egyptian lawyer before the appellate courts. He is a legal consultant with a BA in law and political science from Alexandria University in Egypt and a diploma in criminal sciences from Mansoura University in Egypt. Amr has 12 years of practical experience in the legal sector in Egypt and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Amr has strong professional ethics, deep knowledge and extensive experience in complex cross-border transactions, international trade and customs laws. His areas of expertise are Contracts, Commercial Law and Corporate Law, Corporate Structure, Labor Law, Intellectual Property, IT Laws and the Internet, Real Estate and Construction, Insolvency, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law.